The Good Dinosaur

“Seems kinda weird that Pixar releases two movies in one year. Especially with the success of Inside Out. Kinda makes you worry that they didn’t have such high hopes for their later offering, The Good Dinosaur. And the truth is, production was plagued with issues, rewrites, recasting, and all sorts of other drama. Still, our little long neck Arlo managed to arrive in theaters with minimal fanfare.

I feel like there’s two scales on which to measure this: as a children’s movie and as a Pixar movie. Three scales if you wanna say movie in general, but it general, it def just skews down to kiddie movie. As a kiddie movie, not bad. Characters are cute and not overly obnoxious. The jokes are fine. Great voice cast. Pretty innocuous overall. As a Pixar movie, so below their standards. Yes, there’s some emotional impact, but nothing compared to Inside Out earlier this year or Up or Toy Story or any of their greats. This was more on par with what you’d expect from Dreamworks, but at least one of their better ones.

There’s a lot of cute and sweet moments, but it’s ultimately a pretty forgettable movie. Still, you could do far worse. The kids will be entertained, and the adults won’t wanna claw their eyes out. But once everyone gets home to their Inside Out DVD or the next kiddie flick rolls around, don’t expect too many people to remember The Good Dinosaur anymore

The Good Dinosaur – \m/ \m/ \m/”

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