“I always forget how much I love Rocky. When thinking of favorite franchises, I never remember that he’s out there. But then when I watch him, I remember that he is absolutely one of my all time favorite characters. He may not be as flashy or quirky as those that come to mind sooner, but no one’s got more heart than the champ. I used to think that I mostly loved him because I over-identified with Adrian, so of course it followed that I really loved Rocky, but even in these later films without her, I adore him.

I really like the new direction they’re heading with this. When a franchise spans such a long period of time, it’s hard to hang on to your original actors while still bringing a believable story. Focusing in on the next generation is a very logical progression, and looking at Apollo Creed’s son instead of Rocky’s is genius for so many reasons. It brings a much more interesting dynamic, as young Creed and older Balboa are caught somewhere between being family and enemies, ultimately going the familial route. Plus points for diversity instead of maintaining a white washed cast.

To put it simply, this was just a very solid two hours of cinema. Strong characters, simple but compelling story, top notch cast. Let’s be real, everyone loves an underdog story. That’s one of the big reasons why Rocky resonates with so many people, and I feel that Creed will strike the same chords. I only wish I knew the sequels better. I’ve seen the original Rocky a bunch of times, and even saw it on Broadway as a musical. But I’ve only seen the sequels once each. This might call for a blog mini project when this DVD is out.

As we know, I kinda obsess over Oscar season and awards speculation. I’ve seen Sly on a couple of longshot lists for supporting actor. (Actually, in double checking with one of my sources, he’s even moved up in position) Sight unseen, I was kinda puzzled by it. However, seeing him here, oh my God yes. He brought out such a new side to a character we’ve followed for decades, and even as a support, he’s still the heart of the film. I really want to hear his name called out mid-January. We’ll talk later about whether or not I want him to win. And it shouldn’t be long until Michael B Jordan gets to add “”Academy Award nominee”” before his name in movie trailers. He’s come close a few times. This won’t be enough to get it for him, but he’s certainly got the potential.

Creed – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/”