The Intern

“Sometimes you just want an uplifting movie. After a weekend that included a bunch of downers (even if really good), The Intern was a nice way to wrap things up. Maybe the vibe is something you’d think would be out of character for me, and you’re prolly right, but the cast was one that I just could not turn down. Not only leads Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway, but supports like Andrew Rannells and Adam DeVine as well.

Hathaway is the overwhelmed young CEO of an up and coming tech company, that’s growing too fast for her to handle. DeNiro is a widower looking for some direction and purpose in his life, who takes an internship with Hathaway. Okay, I’m pretty sure you know how it’ll all play out and all the beats it’s gonna hit along the way. And I’m pretty sure you’re right on all of them. But that didn’t matter, for me at least. The connection between our leads and the playful tone throughout was thoroughly enjoyable.

I really shoulda written this before I disappeared on vacation for nearly a week and forgot about everything that happened.

The Intern – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n”

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