“For the past week or two, all the buzz around this movie has been about how incredible it is. Is it okay that I didn’t really like it?

An FBI agent, Emily Blunt, is recruited by Josh Brolin to join a task force to combat the drug wars going on across the border. So far so good, I think. Honestly, I can’t really tell you too much more of the plot because it kinda lost me. I get that we’re seeing the story unfold thru Blunt’s eyes, and to start, she doesn’t have a handle on what’s going on. Fine, that can work. Except I never quite got my footing, and spent most of the two hours in utter confusion.

Now a lot of the positive chatter is around Emily Blunt, and on that I agree. First off, just fantastic that we have a woman leading in a movie like this and in a role like this. This is something we need much much more of. And Blunt pulls it off with grace and aplomb. She showed us last summer with Edge of Tomorrow that she can be strong and badass, and a force to be reckoned with. This just furthers that, and from early talk, could even result in some award nods. I just wish I could appreciate her role more, which I would have if I could get behind the rest of the movie. Hopefully she’ll continue this trend and pick up another meaty role like this soon

Sicario – \m/ \m/ \n”

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