“Something that threw a wrench in my movie watching plans was that Everest was only being released to IMAX theaters (more like LIE-MAX for the not full size ones) this week. By the time I got the memo that I would have only needed to wait a week to not have to pay nearly twenty bucks for my tickets, I’d already decided on my movie schedule and I knew that the following weekend wouldn’t have much movie time. I was mostly okay with this since it’s just an occassional thing and I thought it might lend itself pretty well to the format.

Confession time. I actually missed about the last ten minutes or so. I had to run out to an open call dance audition i’d signed up for on a whim, and I wasn’t sure how long it’d take me to get there. Luckily, since this film was based on a true story with real characters, wikipedia was able to confirm for me who survived and who didn’t. Unluckily, my train took about 20 min to arrive (*shakes fist at MBTA*) so I could have stayed thru the end and been just fine. *grumble*

The film is about two expeditions attempting to climb Everest who were caught up in a blizzard, resulting in one of the largest disasters for the mountain. Incidentally, while filming, there was a similar recurrence that was even more disastrous, though it didn’t affect the film crew. The cast includes such names as Josh Brolin, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jason Clarke, and John Hawkes as well as people whose names don’t start with J, such as Keira Knightly, Sam Worthington, and Emily Watson. Pretty awesome group of peeps.

Two thoughts were primarily running thru my brain while I watched. One was how beautiful everything is. I’ve always preferred the cold, and I suppose my fascination with snow comes from growing up without it. While I may not have specifically chosen to watch with the fancy screen, if you’re one who does care about such things, the upcharge would be worth it.

The other thought running thru my mind is that climbing Mount Everest is not something I’d ever want to do. Sure, it’s the ultimate bragging rights, but the cost and the risk aren’t worth it. And by cost, I don’t just mean the fact that the expedition would run me about a year’s salary. I hadn’t realized how much work and preparation goes into a trip. You’d actually have to be there for a couple weeks, training and acclimating before the climb. And there’s a million reasons why you might not even make it all the way up the mountain, at which point you’re just SOL. And all that’s without even calculating the risk of death or major injury. For me, I’m perfectly happy to just sit and watch it on a nice shiny screen.

This was a movie whose main star was mother nature. No matter what anybody else had planned, the mountain had final say in what happened. Understandably, there wasn’t really a whole lot to the plot other than “”get them up the mountain””. I don’t think it really needed much else. I even questioned whether the few interactions with family back home were necessary. I suppose they did add a little more depth to the characters and raise the stakes for all involved. Regardless, the true star was the mountain herself.

Everest – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n”

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