What We Do Is Secret

“Back to the movie wall! For one day at least. Let’s just get right to it.

Here we’ve got a bit of a rock-umentary about The Germs, an explosive and influential LA punk band in the late 70s. They were fronted by the unstable and unpredictable Darby Crash (played here by Shane West), and they lived to break every rule in the books.

To be honest, while the specifics around the band were new, the film felt like we’ve been here before. It had the same kind of vibe as Sid and Nancy, The Runaways or even Velvet Goldmine. Just exchange one band for another, real or otherwise, and they all feel similar. I guess that’s why on this viewing I didn’t really remember much from the previous time I’d seen it. That said, kinda cool to see Shane West go punk, even if I kept thinking he was Devon Sawa circa SLC Punk. So even that didn’t really feel too fresh. Still, I do believe in paying respects to the punk bands of old, that influenced the bands of today, so props for the rock education. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming

Oh and also, I keep getting this movie’s title confused with What We Do In the Shadows. Two completely different movies, but I still keep switching titles in my head”

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