The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

“I saw the first Maze Runner because I’d scored free tickets to an advanced screening. It had looked intriguing, but wasn’t high up on the list. I recall enjoying it, and liking some of the mystery of the maze itself, but not being too impressed with the bigger picture. Not having read the book, I could tell we were getting a very thin slice, and lots of detail was left out. It was just enough to nag at me, but not enough to make me wanna read the book.

And now we’ve got a sequel. It’s release date fell in a kind of crunch time period, so it was lowest on the priority list. I would have had no problem waiting until it was in a bargain bin or on netflix. But the stars aligned (mostly because one of the week’s musts was IMAX only). I give it a big overwelming eh.

Without the puzzle of the maze, there wasn’t much I really cared about. Kinda like how the latter parts of Hunger Games lose my interest without the games themselves. There wasn’t even a big mystery like with the first one. It was mostly run -> survive -> find others. Yes there was still some overarching conspiracy from the big baddies, but not with the urgency of the first installment. It was all one long and drawn out action sequence, and a jr one at that.

Do I want to see how this all concludes? Eh. Oh dear God, Wikipedia just told me there’s 5 books, not 3 as I arbitrarily assumed. Well, let’s put it this way. If the film series continues, and watching this wouldn’t prevent me from seeing something higher priority, and the scheduling works out, sure what the heck. But I will not think twice about dumping it if it’s a crowded weekend.

The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials – \m/ \m/”

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