Sleeping With Other People

“I was in NYC for one of my infamous day trips of Broadway binging. Caught a matinee of Spring Awakening (the new revival that incorporates ASL, so beautiful) and an evening showing of Hand to God (irreverent and hilarious). I know midtown well enough that I can typically stay pretty busy throughout the day. Go to the comic book store, maybe theater bookshop, grab various snacks throughout the day. On rare occasions, I even manage to squeeze in a movie. It’s actually pretty tough to pull off because it has to fit just right into the schedule. Since the BFFF who lives in NYC wasn’t gonna be around, and since I didn’t wanna fall behind on my movie watching, a movie made sense. Especially when I realized that one of the movies on my list for this weekend, Sleeping With Other People, wasn’t playing in Boston.

Spring Awakening got out around 4:30. The AMC at Lincoln Center was about a 15 min trek via walking and subway. Movie started at 5:10. You’d think that’d be ample time, but you forget about my stage door obsession. I could only give myself until about 5:00. I’d initially thought there wouldn’t be anyone I really cared to stage door stalk, but as always, I got so caught up in the show I had to. The crowd was far bigger than I would have expected for a cast of mostly unknowns, which first deterred me. Wouldn’t be worth the effort and time crunch. Oh who am I kidding, I’m doing this. I gave myself an arbitrary deadline. If no one’s out by 4:45, I’m gone. At 4:45 we actually had a couple. Okay, I’ll leave after these first few–hold up there’s the guy who played Morritz, I need to get him. Got him (sadly was too far back for the selfie I really wanted with him). Okay I can go–hold up there’s Marlee Matlin. Absolutely need the Oscar winner’s signature. Okay we’re coming up on 5–oh wait one more, need the Glee girl (one maybe two episodes only). Now, haul butt.

Dashed in, grabbed a hot dog, and found a seat just before previews were over. Awesome. What are we seeing again? Ah yes, Sleeping with Other People. Sidebar, the email I got from Fandango asking about how I liked the movie didn’t quite work (or maybe worked too well) with the movie title…Right Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis run into each other for the first time in a long time at a sex addicts meeting. The two form a very close friendship that they try hard to keep platonic, but of course it’s a movie, so we know they’re eventually gonna fall for each other, or something.

I know. Romcom ew. But this was on the Trainwreck end of the spectrum, where the rom takes a backseat to the com, very irreverent and honest com. These are two actors that I enjoy very much, so I was willing to put up with the potentially sappy story to see them bring the funny. And it was worth it. Certainly beats aimlessly wandering Times Square at peak hours, that’s for sure. Doesn’t feel as groundbreaking as it thinks it is, since it is coming in on the heels of Amy Schumer’s summer flick, but I very much like that it’s keeping the momentum going, aided by some clever comedy and wonderful performances. Clearly, this is very much a if-you-liked-that-youll-like-this situation, but as someone who did like this, I liked that as well

Sleeping With Other People -\m/ \m/ \m/”

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