“Up until recently, the only Steve McQueen I knew was Dr House’s pet rat. Clearly I knew that he was referencing someone that I didn’t know anything about. Not too long ago, I saw The Great Escape for the first time, and was sure to pay extra special attention to McQueen. And I thought he was pretty cool. From there, I came to know the Bullitt poster as something iconic, that I was curious about. So when Best Buy had a sale on 4-pack movies, including a Steve McQueen 4-pack that featured Bullitt, yeah you what happened.

Pretty simple story. He’s a cop assigned to protect a witness. Witness goes dead. He goes after the baddie. For me, it feels like some aspects of the film haven’t aged all that well. The scenes with character action and interaction were interesting, but the various chases and such didn’t grasp my attention so much. Guess I’m too used to today’s ADD action sequences. And they populated a pretty big chunk of the film. Maybe I need to sit down and watch it with a better attention span, but I can’t guarantee my mind won’t wander. Still, McQueen is pretty bad ass, so maybe I’ll connect better with one of the other movies in the 4pack”

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