We Are Your Friend

“Oh that movie graveyard that is mid Aug-mid Sept. Where you’re deciding between movies that you would have easily skipped if they had any competition. My choices were either a well received indie whose trailer didn’t grab me, or two mediocre looking ones that could average out to an acceptable experience. Only one of these options had Zac Efron.

No really, I pretty much just saw this movie because of him. He’s cute and charismatic, which counts for a lot in a dull look film about a genre of music I don’t particularly care about. Apparently No one else really cares either. I think I mostly feel like I was helpful in contributing my 11 bucks to the record small box office take.

Efron stars as Cole, a struggling DJ who lives for mixing EDM tracks on his Mac book. He befriends a more experienced DJ, Wes Bentley as James. To complicate matters, Cole has a thing for James’ assistant/gf, Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski). Let me guess, I’ve elicited at least one yawn out of you already, yeah? Yeah.

Things played out slowly and predictably, and I just couldn’t get myself to care. I was engaged, but aloof. Who knew you could feel both at once? Around the start of the third act, we got an out of nowhere darker turn. At this point, I was into things a bit more, or at least wanting to know what happened to Cole, even if I still didn’t actually care. I did like how the final sequence played out, even getting me to enjoy an EDM track, and it left me with just enough of a high that maybe the rest of it wasn’t as blah as I thought. And then I had to revisit the experience to write this blog, and no, we’re still not impressed.

At least Zac Efron is still pretty.

We Are Your Friends – \m/ \m/”

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