“I’ll forever associate this movie with my cousin. Step into the Delorean and travel back a good ways to her bridal shower. One of the games played involved answering trivia questions about her and her then fiance (now hubby). I didn’t know too many answers, but for some reason, one answer stuck with me. The question was what was the first movie they saw together (unclear if it was also first date)? Answer: Backdraft. I’d never heard of the movie before, so from then on, whenever I did hear the name, I’d think of her, as I did when I picked up this one from the movie store. I earmarked it as a blog movie specifically because I knew if nothing else, I’d at least have that anecdote to post.

If you’re going to have a big movie for a life milestone, this one’s actually not a bad choice. Directed by Ron Howard, it stars Kurt Russel and William/Billy Baldwin as brothers who happen to both be firefighters. The two have always clashed, and are forced to work with each other during an ongoing investigation into an arsonist in their area. Oh and the cast also has Robert DeNiro, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Donald Sutherland. Again, I say, not a bad movie to associate with a significant life event.

This was just such a full and rich film, with great mystery, action, and suspense. IMDB trivia tells me it was written by a former firefighter and the reverence for and knowledge of the career shows. So many movies that are released today are so superficial, that watching this made me long for the movies of the 90s I grew up with. I don’t really have much else to say about it, except that if you too are longing for that type of film and haven’t seen this, you should get on that.”

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