“I just got back from vacation in Chicago. Went to spend a couple days with a good friend of mine, mostly as an excuse to not be in Boston and working for a bit. Oh and also timed it around being able to see the Hough sibs in Move Live On Tour…again. The weekend before I went, while planning movies, I specifically saved Trainwreck to see in Chicago. It seemed like just the kind of comedy that would work well for us, especially since we were likely going to a theater that served beer.

This movie ended up being part of my welcoming festivities. Once I got to the city, we grabbed a few pieces of funky pizza (chicken tenders with 3 sauces pizza and chicken and waffles pizza for me) at this really hipster place. Don’t worry, classic deep dish happened the next day. Bellies full and excitement building, we got to the theater for a late show with mega sized beers. It was the absolute perfect start to a wonderful vacation!

I adore Amy Schumer so much. It’s only been recently that she’s been on my radar, but I can’t get enough. She’s funny because she’s unexpected and unrestricted. I really appreciate that she talks (and jokes) about things that no one else touches. She’s not afraid to just put everything out there and laugh about all the silly things that we get hung up on. I was beyond stoked to see her take on a starring role in a film she wrote. What could possibly be better?

It was a pretty strong step into the spotlight. Ms Schumer stars as Amy, a commitment phobic girl who lives like a player, rivaling most frat boys with her conquests and escapades. She meet cutes Aaron (Bill Hader), a genuinely nice guy who is really into her, and she struggles with this new concept while also juggling her career and drama with her family. Yes, it sounds like the stuff of romcoms, and if we’re being totally honest here (Amy would demand nothing less), it was a touch too romcom for me, but I mostly didn’t care. There was still a lot to love and thoroughly apopreciate.

First off, the humor. Yes! I feel like she maybe held back slightly, but the shots she took were biting and clever. Everything about her signature comedic style was on display and it was \m/ wonderful. I also like how she flipped the typical romcom gender roles. Her character embodied everything you typically see from a messed up male lead who we expect will get straightend out when he falls in love with his perfect ingenue. This time, it was Hader’s Aaron who was idealized, but in a very real way. He was just so sweet and genuine, not a male version of the manic pixie dream girl (a trope I tend to have mixed feelings about).

Hader and Schumer played off each other wonderfully. As I was watching, I realized that as much as I was excited to see Schumer’s talent on display, I was also jazzed about seeing Hader stretch his acting legs and playing a leading role that wasn’t showy or exaggerated. It looked good on him, and I hope he does continue to take on these types of films.

So basically, my buddy and I were laughing hystericall for two hours, and the film managed to set the tone for my whole trip. I could not have asked for a better jump start to my vacay.

Trainwreck – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n”