Red Riding, 1983

“And now, we conclude our short journey into murderous Yorkshire with the final Red Riding film. We’re tying everything back to the original. Another little girl has gone missing in much the same manner as nine years before. This time, it’s a police officer investigating, as he retraces some of the steps from the 1974 reporter.

A few more obvious visitors from previous films, including the prolific Sean Bean. Some retraced steps and some new discoveries. I can’t help but wonder if this one tied back so well to the first, why the deviation in the middle film? And what was in the skipped book? Did that relate more to the second movie?

The other notable cast member would be Mark Addy. Still not as strong for me as Andrew Garfield in the first. Yeah we really did peak with that first film, huh? No point trying to rack my brain trying to come up with more to say. I’ve still got two giant paper bags full of new (to me) DVDs to watch”

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