Red Riding, 1980

“Okay forcing myself to write one post a day, which post every other day in the hopes that I’ll be covered thru my two upcoming vacations. I’m writing this on a Wed about a movie I saw last Sat that will post next Sat. Not that any of that matters.

Anyways, continuing on in the Red Riding trilogy, we fast forward to 1980. There’s a book in between this and the one before that didn’t get adapted. But that’s all I know about it, so I don’t know how it affects things. Sadly, out of the three movies, I think this is the one that held my attention least.

As far as I can tell, it was a bit more stand alone than the other two. The first dealt with finding a missing girl. The third (which we’ll get to) deals with more missing girls. Here, we’re chasing a serial killer, going after young women (as opposed to young girls). And this time, instead of following a journalist, we’re following a police investigator.

I’d mentioned with the first movie that the biggest strength for me as Andrew Garfield, since he was able to anchor the film and keep my focus. The closest actor to an anchor for me here was Paddy Considine (whose name I just learned). He was our lead investigator, and I recognize him from last year’s Pride (which is a phenomenal movie, and I recommend that you see it). But instead of seeing him and thinking “”ooh what’s he gonna do next”” (as was mostly the case with Garfield), I’d see him and think “”aww, Pride, I love that movie””.

Besides a couple of flashbacks, I only recognized one or two characters. Apparently there were more that appeared cross movies, but I suppose I’d need to have been paying full attention to both to catch them.

Oh I should also point out that all three had different directors. This one didn’t scream out True Detective as much as the first did (again, these came first, so if anything, technically True Detective screams out Red Riding), but it otherwise had a pretty similar dark and grusome vibe. Although, for my tastes, it could have gone a little further in that direction”

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