Team America: World Police

“Earlier this week, someone asked me (partly joking, partly serious) if I had plans to see any particular movie on the 4th of July. “”Independence Day!”” I replied enthusiastically. I’d noticed in the couple days before that I didn’t have it blogged, so I was excited about the task. I had an anecdote ready about seeing it in theaters with my Daddy, and how I have this distinct memory of it being for his bday, but his bday is in Sept, so I’m not sure if it stayed that long in the theaters or if I’m mixing up memories. Most years, I usually post something on FB from that film, usually referencing the big “”It’s our Independence Day”” speech. But then, late last night, inspiration struck. And I left myself a reminder on my comp that his year I should post America \m/ yeah from Team America. After I did that this morning, I realized it’s been years since I’ve seen this (whereas it’s likely been a year, two max since ID-4) and I really wanted to watch Team America. So now I’m watching Team America.

Oh man, I’m finding it just as funny as I did 11 years ago. Just so random and clever. Having been a fan of South Park since college, hearing the voices of Trey Parker and Matt Stone as whole new characters is such a trip.

There’s so much I’ve forgotten, but so many little things I remember. The songs, of course, are permanently etched in my brain. And there’s quotes that seem to make their way into my daily vocab. (“”I need you more than Ben Affleck needs acting school””, or Matt Damon!)

As a straight up comedy it’d be funny, but marionettes were a beyond brilliant idea! Sadly, the boys have said that it was so much work to shoot, that they’d never go this route again, but I guess that makes this little gem all the more special.”