“One of the things I’m most proud of (and yet still slightly embarassed about) is the insane amount of Weird Al lyrics that I have committed to memory. Amish Paradise, It’s All About the Pentiums, Smells like Nirvana, The Saga Begins, all songs I know in their entirety. Plus countless other complete or partial songs I know by heart. Hashtag (half) white and nerdy.

A couple weeks ago, I saw him in concert on his Mandatory World Tour. I’d seen him once previously, on the Alpocalypse tour. As to be expected, it was incredible. His shows are more of a production than a concert. Costumes, video clips, choreography, glory. My Facebook status after the show was something along the lines of how you’ve never really lived until you’re in a crowd of hundreds, singing along to “”Yoda”” while waving the light saber app on your phone.

A day or two after the show, I was at the aforementioned video store that I’ve been frequenting the past few weeks as they sell off their inventory. On previous trips, I’d targeted items on my wishlist, so this time I could peruse a bit more slowly and see what caught my eye. And there it was on the shelf: UHF. It was calling to me, like it sensed my arrival and patiently waited for me to purchase it. I’ve seen clips of it here and there (particularly during Mr Yankovic’s shows) but I’d never seen the whole thing thru. Fate, it would seem, was determined to give me that opportunity.

And so here we are. After a rough week that was set right by an awesome yoga class, and walking thru the beginning of a town wide dance party that I would soon be hearing from my window, I sat down to bask in the glory of the weird.

I’ve kinda got mixed feelings about it. As a film, it’s kinda dull. Not a lot happens, story wise. Characters aren’t particularly sympathetic. No pun intended, but it’s kinda weird. But as an extension of Weird Al, each of the segments are funny in their own right. The premise works just enough to let him have all these zany little vignettes, many of which could stand alone in today’s YouTube/Funny Or Die world of video clips. And it’s all very Weird Al humor. The same thoughts were running thru my head watching this as during the show. Basically “”how does he come up with this random random stuff?”” and “”this would not work if anyone else tried it””

So I’m glad that I can check another film I should see off the list. Hopefully it’s the start of a great weekend, the first in a while that I’m hoping to get in a full slate of blog movies at home.”

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