Jurassic World

“Now THIS is how you do a summer movie. Big action, thrills, humor, twists, over the top shenanigans and giant dinosaurs. All the razzle and dazzle you want while frantically munching your popcorn. I went with two friends, and the three of us were constantly gasping, cheering, swearing, laughing, groaning, and generally reacting to everything.

If you’re looking for a deeper experience than just sensationalized adrenaline, then you’ll notice that this movie has more than a few problems. The story is very superficial and a little we’ve-been-here-before. There’s some predictable “”plot twists””, and don’t even get me started on how the female characters are portrayed. The bright side is that it’s very self aware of it’s flaws. For every trope that it embraces, it smashes another. It respects the original film with some subtle nods sprinkled in: night vision goggles, the rearview mirror, the old park jeeps, Mr DNA, and likely others that I didn’t even pick up on.

So for this movie, we’re ignoring the previously two sequels existed, and we’re picking up down the line from Jurassic Park. Soon after the events of that film, the park was rebuilt and opened as Jurassic World. After ten years, they feel the tourists are becoming jaded, so they engineer a new species of dinosaur, Indominus Rex. Have we learned nothing?

What I find interesting is that the reason given for creating the new species is that the park audiences are getting bored. In reality, everything they’re saying about the park guests is applicable to your casual movie goers. I’d have a really hard time believing that this type of park would get old so quick (how many people still get excited to go to Disney World?), but the world at large is getting tougher to surprise and entertain when it comes to big action movies.

Let’s be honest. This movie is never going to be remembered in the same way that the original film is so widely beloved. That doesn’t make it any less fun, which is what a good blockbuster summer movie is all about

Jurassic World – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n”

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