“Only I would include “”watch a movie”” on my list of chores on a Sunday afternoon. And only I would actually treat it like a chore (ugh, do I have to?). This is actually set to future post on the next Sunday, but the day I’m actually writing it is the day of the Tony awards. So instead of saving the movie til the end of the day, once I’ve played all the World of Warcraft I can handle, I’m reversing the schedule and watching first, playing later. And I’m really anxious to get to the gaming.

Solaris is one of those movies that I always think I’ve seen, until I realize that I haven’t. There’s even been at least one attempt before, but it was unsuccessful (I think we decided we weren’t in the mood to pay attention to a film). So when I first attacked the inventory at the closing video store, I was sure to grab this.

I wasn’t paying too much attention to it as I watched, but reading over a plot synopsis to fill in the blanks, it’s fascinating. George Clooney is a psychiatrist who is sent to visit a space station because of some strange occurrences going on there. And oh are they strange. I’m not sure how much is allowed to be revealed before crossing into spoiler territory, but it’s the right kind of haunting confusion. Questioning what’s real and what’s not, not to mention what’s right and what’s wrong. Yeah, it might feel a bit like all the other similar movies of craziness in space (Supernova, Sunshine, Moon) but it has unique enough twists to stand out.

Also, I’m really digging Jeremy Davies as Snow. But that may just be because my brain keeps calling out Faraday! every time he’s on screen. What? No other Lostaways out there? Just me? We have to go back!”

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