“How ironic is it that one of the most brilliantly clever films ever is about stupidity? That’s what we get in this comedy from Mike Judge, the dude who also brought us things like Office Space and Silicon Valley.

The premise asks you to accept a couple of stretches, but it’s worthwhile if you can suspend disbelief enough to overlook some minor details and just focus on the character interactions. In present day, Luke Wilson’s 100% average joe military man(average joe enough to even be named Joe) and Maya Rudolph’s street savvy civilian agree to be cryogenically frozen for one year as part of an Army experiment. Things happen *suspend disbelief here* and they are accidentally left in their suspended animation for 500 years. They awake in a world (this part’s scarily more believable) where civilization has gone downhill as less intelligent people are procreating more proficiently than smart people, resulting in the absolute dumbest generation to ever roam the earth.

I’ve often said that dialog can make or break a movie for me, and the writing here kills. The scene with the identity processor thingy is one of the funniest 90 seconds I’ve ever seen. So many quotable lines. “”Welcome to Costco. I love you”” “”Brought to you by Carls Jr”” I had a coworker at a previous job who would randomly bust out the Brawndo’s got electrolytes”” spiel.

The plot kinda starts to fall flat a bit once they realize you can’t really build a whole movie out of this without giving them some purpose, but it’s still 90 of the funniest minutes in the history of film.”

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