Saturday Night Fever

“You would think that as a dancer and a film aficionado I would have seen this movie, possibly many times even, but you’d think wrong. It just never really got on my list, until I found it for five bucks at Best Buy a couple weeks ago.

I actually enjoy disco dancing. A couple of my cardio dance DVD’s have disco routines, and I find them quite fun. They’re simple and quick, and not too far removed from jazz, which is my preferred style. The music on the other hand…Well, they’re classics, but only meant to be heard in moderation.

Not a whole lot going on here. John Travolta’s Tony is a dissatisfied teen whose only joy is in dancing (I can relate, but I’m not a teen). It’s mostly just a portrait of life in the disco era. I find it kinda dull, but then again, I’m not of that era. I’d bet lots of people find American Idiot dull, but that’s the angsty tales of my youth.

At least the dancing’s pretty cool.

Oh wow things took a dark turn in the backseat of the car towards the end, and beyond that.”