Get Hard

“I should have seen Home. I wanted to see Home, but the timing didn’t work out. I thought it’d be easy enough to get next weekend instead. I didn’t know why I insisted Get Hard stay on my priority list, but I did. I think it’s because even though the setup sounded awful and the trailers didn’t look too great, I do like Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. There have been instances where their movies looked bad on the surface, but ended up being awesome (think almost anything in the “”Frat pack”” era). That didn’t happen.

The one thing I will stand by is that Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart are wonderful comedic actors, and with the right material they could make one kick ass movie. This was not the right material. Will Ferrell is convicted of some white collar financial crime and is to be made an example of by spending 10 years in federal prison. Afraid of what could happen to him in a jail with the country’s most hardened criminals, he hires Kevin Hart to help him prepare. Problem is, Hart has never actually been to jail. He just needs the money, so he goes along with the plan. Has any of this sounded like a good idea to you yet?

Yeah, didn’t think so. The guys did well enough, but I just didn’t find most of the material funny. The jokes were obvious and the set up too contrived. I will give the film points for Allison Brie as Ferrell’s fiance, but she was nowhere near enough to save this movie. I honestly would like to see our main duo work together again, but maybe they’ll think a little harder before signing on. At least these guys tend to be so prolific, that this will be quickly forgotten.

Get Hard – \m/ \m/”

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