“Oh my, what a week! To celebrate my bday, I flew down to Orlando for a couple days to check out the Harry Potter stuff at Universal. Of course Universal means City Walk means movie theater means I wasn’t gonna let my bday celebration go by without at least one flick. Luckily this new trend of movies opening on Thur evening meant that as soon as we were done with park things for the day, we could catch the 7:00 of Will Smith and Margot Robbie’s new one, Focus.

First off, it’d been a really full couple of days, so I was wicked tired. I fought so hard to keep my eyes open throughout because I was really enjoying the film.

Secondly, for a film called Focus, it ironically seemed to lack it. And I mean ironic in the way that Alanis’s “”Ironic”” doesn’t contain any true examples of irony, which in itself is actually ironic. Donchta think?

I couldn’t really keep track of who was playing who or why things were unfolding the way they were or what the heck anyone was really trying to achieve. It didn’t really matter though. The chemistry between Smith and Robbie was electric. The movie thrived on their interactions, the constant playful cat and mouse between them. I don’t even wanna try and describe their banter, for fear of ruining it or not doing it justice. Robbie is quickly rising up my list of favorite actresses, and Smith reminded us why we’ve loved him for so long.

Also, kinda scary how easy they make pick pocketing look. They also make it look like a lot of fun, which is scary for entirely different reasons.

Focus – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n”

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