Thank You For Smoking

“I love this movie. Jason Reitman’s feature writing/directing debut that started an incredible career, making him one of my favorites, even if he is skating on thin ice with me after his last two films that were uh let’s just say not up to standard. But here he comes out swinging with an original and clever comedy and a cast that included Aaron Eckhart, William H Macy, JK Simmons, Katie Holmes, Rob Lowe, Robert DuVall. I loved it so much, I took it home to show my Daddy one school break. “”I don’t want to see anything that’s going to try to convince me to stop smoking”” he adamently protested. He was a stubborn man, and smoking was the one vice he was stubborn about. “”Daddy, it’s called Thank You For Smoking, not Thank You For NOT Smoking””. I remember I convinced him to watch, but I don’t remember if he liked it or not.

As is often the case for me, what really wins this film in my eyes is the dialog. But it’s not just the clever jokes. It’s how smart and unexpected all the arguments are. It’s a movie about a tobacco lobbyist, so all he does in his professional and personal life is argue. Not the yelling screaming I’m mad at you type of arguing. It’s calm and calculated and impossible to win against. In real life, I’d probably be frustrated by him, but on film, I’m fascinated. I wish I could talk the way he does, until I see the toll that this lifestyle takes on him. Then I’m okay being more amenable.

The great state of Vermont will not apologize for its cheese.”

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