Jupiter Ascending

“I will always defend the Wachowski siblings, the genius duo responsible for The Matrix and V For Vendetta. If we forget that the Matrix sequels existence (I prefer to live my life that way), then even their less appreciated films have incredible merit. Speed Racer had some amazing and ahead of its time visuals, and Cloud Atlas raised lots of philosphical questions. The one thing that no one could ever deny about Andy and Lana is that they are unparalleled when it comes to creating beautiful and unique worlds and spaces for their films, regardless of genre. It’s truly what they excel at and if nothing else, Jupiter Ascending was a chance to show off that skill.

The story, eh. Much of it felt rushed, although I’ll take a rushed story over a film that’s longer than it needs to be any day. Details were explained quickly. Characters inexplicably declared their love without having had much interaction. And it felt like an interesting idea that wasn’t fully fleshed out that was wrapped around a really good concept. Story’s never really been their strong suit though. That’s what killed the ma—those movies that don’t exist.

But there was so much pretty on the screen, the scenery and the cast. Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum did their best with characters that weren’t fully realized on paper. Eddie Redmayne would like you to forget this movie, and his strange old man croak, were a thing while you’re casting your Oscar ballots. He’s praying this role doesn’t Norbit him. And as far as the non-human (or in this case alien) pretty, it wasn’t just the cool backdrops and interesting costumes (although those were fantastic). The Wachowski’s are brilliant when it comes to choreographing action sequences. Remember, this is the team that brought us bullet time. Granted, by the time it was over done for the millionth copy cat film, you kinda wished they hadn’t brought it to us, but it was still groundbreaking and breath taking. This time, thanks to Channing Tatum’s flying roller skates or whatever they are, we had some great midair break neck speed chases. So. Freaking. Cool.

At some point, it doesn’t really matter anymore that the screenplay is weak.

Jupiter Ascending – \m/ \m/ \m/”

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