The Pianist

“I’d been avoiding the movie wall because I knew this was the next one I should choose. It seemed daunting. Long run time, heavy subject matter, previous unsuccessful attempt at watching. But being snowbound, and having caught up on yet another one of my shows and also having had plenty of time for gaming, I had no excuses. As fate would have it, this film really was worth a second look.

In the role that won him an out of nowhere Oscar, making him the youngest best actor to date, Adrian Brody plays Wladyslaw Szpilman, a real life Holocaust survivor. The film tells the tale of his journey and his survival. Very powerful stuff. Sure, its yet another take on a period in history that is often seen in movies, but the reason it’s often seen is that it’s very effective. This film was no exception. Something I found interesting (according to IMDB trivia) is that many of the small details and stories were actually drawn from director Roman Polanski’s own experiences during the war.

So I chose well for tonight, and I’ve gotten past what was blocking my progress on the wall. Go me.”

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