“A lot of people refer to this as Tom Hardy’s break through movie. He wasn’t introduced to the mainstream world until Inception not too long after (which is when he first caught my eye), but Bronson put him on the radar of lots of important people.

Hardy plays the titular true life character Charles Bronson, one of Britain’s most famous and violent prisoners. From the look of it and the description, I had a certain expectation of what it would be. I thought it’d be a dark and gritty macho movie, tough and serious. While there were certainly some elements of that, for the most part the film was a whole mess of crazy that came out of nowhere…And I absolutely loved it.

There was a level of theatricality that you don’t tend to see often, especially not in films with this type of subject matter. From the first moment that Hardy was staring at the audience narrating his story, I knew this would be something different and special. He would go on to act like a Cabaret MC, displaying a playful showmanship that I would have never associated with this usually stoic actor. Honestly, no words I could use to describe would do it justice. It’s on Netflix, only 90 minutes, GO!”

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