The Warriors

“This movie was mainly on my radar because of Frailty, one of my all time favorites. In an early scene (before things start getting crazy and the kids follow their dad around as he kills supposed demons), the two brothers are arguing as they go to sleep. The younger brother wants to go see Meatballs again, but the older one wants to see The Warriors. Color me curious. Then again, it really doesn’t take much to get me curious about a film.

Okay first thing that strikes me, the one big downside to catching up on all these older movies is the awful synthesized scores. Who thought those were a good idea? Lots of people I guess. Well, lots of people were WRONG.

Yeah not really getting that into this movie. I’m all for violent films, but this isn’t quite grabbing me. Maybe I was too distracted early on. Maybe there’s not enough plot. Maybe the bad score killed it. Idk.”

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