Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

“As I stepped outside my apartment into the cold, I started thinking that it wasn’t too late to change my mind about going to the movie. Did I really wanna pay mid-level price for just this one? Did I want to give up two hours of gaming? I could still make my trek outside worthwhile and take the promised post-movie detour to Whole Foods for shrimp cocktail now instead of later. No, I just ate, I’ll get bored quickly, and it’s one of the last times to see Robin Williams on screen, I told myself as I continued on. I was rather glad that I did.

We’re back at the museum, with all our full beloved cast of characters. Unfortunately, the magic tablet that brings everyone to life is dying. Ben Stiller’s nightguard Larry takes a few exhibition friends with him to the British museum, to bring to life the Egyptians who made the tablet and find out how to fix it.

It was a lot of the same as what we’ve seen before, but it was still enjoyable. There might have only been a little that was new, but the characters are endearing and the motley cast is entertaining. Some clever gags and dialog, other brilliant adlibs. Pure joy.

And then we got to the last couple of scenes, and I found myself getting a little emotional. I hadn’t realized just how attached I was to these characters. Then Robin Williams’ Teddy Roosevelt gave his final sunrise sign off and I nearly lost it. So appropriate and poignant.

I really like how the series was left. In a Toy Story 3-esque way, this chapter is closed, but there’s possibilities for continuation in a new direction. I’d be really curious to see that, especially if it is led by Rebel Wilson, as the set up seemed to suggest as a possibility.

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb – \m/ \m/ \m/”

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