The Imitation Game

“Still _loving_ this infusion of nerd core into pop culture. And we have another iconic historical figure of the mathematically and/or scientifically inclined subset: Alan Turing, mathematician who created one of the world’s first computers, breaking the Nazi’s enigma code, and thus significantly truncating WWII. You’d think it’d be kinda awesome to be him? Mmm not so much.

The film focuses mainly on his covert work during the war, but it also highlights his personal relationships, or lack thereof. He was always a bit of an outsider, something that I (as I’m sure many of my fellow nerds) know well. He shied away from other people, and as a result was rather difficult to work with. For the film, his antisocial tendencies brought in a lot of lighthearted humor, which I loved. I felt there was an understanding that he wasn’t being made fun of, but finally getting a chance to be fully appreicated. The story itself is rather fascinating, getting a peak into what was once a very secretive chapter in world history.

Of course, you can’t round out the full package without a stunning cast, which was led by Benedict Cumberbatch, Keria Knightley, and Matthew Goode. I loved Cumberbatch so much as Turing. I’m trying to find words to describe it, but everything I’m coming up with is cheesy. Just go see him already, yeah? This write up does not do the film justice

The Imitation Game – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/”

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