My Cousin Vinny

“Another Black Friday bargain buy, and only twenty minutes in I’m absolutely loving this movie! That jail scene killed me.

This film is infamous for Marissa Tomei’s surprising Oscar win. The rumor that’s lasted in Hollywood is that the wrong name was read, and she didn’t actually win. That was the only explanation for the supposedly baffling announcement. I’m not familiar with the other actresses she was up against (at least not for their nominated work) but in the single scene I’ve seen so far (semi-live blogging) I love her!

Right so, two naive college kids are caught up in a big misunderstanding and arrested for murder down south. (They thought they were being arrested for shoplifting a can of tuna.) Their inept New Yorker lawyer cousin Vinny drives down to defend them, motormouth girlfriend in tow. Hilarity ensues. Much much hilarity.

And I just had to rewind and rewatch Marissa Tomei going off on her car history (that clip stops before getting to the really good stuff. This is beautiful. I now know how she won that Oscar.

I think I have a new favorite movie. Why didn’t anyone make me watch this before? I’ve been so deprived!”

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