Raising Arizona

“Well this is a strange little movie, though I should have expected as much from the Coen brothers. Yet another previously unseen classic that I knew I should have come across long ago in my movie travels. It’s mentioned in a Bowling For Soup song that I now can’t get out of my head.

I can’t get over how young Nicholas Cage looks. Between the age and the stache, I’m having a hard time processing that that’s him. So I guess it’s true, that he was once a better actor who once chose better films. To be fair, I know there’s been some tax trouble that’s led him to take a bunch of “”paycheck movies””, so you have to admire his taking responsability, but still, he needs help with his choices.

This story is just so absurd, and the characters are just so intellectually challenged, it’s a bit tough to buy. I think I’m too logical for my own good. Still, it’s sweet and funny, and certainly unique. I get why it’s a modern classic.”

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