The King of Comedy

“Just because a movie (BluRay even!) costs 4 bucks on Black Friday doesn’t automatically make it bad. In fact, if you look hard enough, you can even find some really good and often underappreciated classics. The King of Comedy did not deserve such a bargain fate, but I’m really glad it came my way.

Robert DeNiro teams up once again with Martin Scorsese for a sort of dark comedy. DeNiro’s Rupert Pupkin is a struggling stand up comedian, looking for his big break. He hopes that break will come from the Johnny Carson of the era, the bigshot late night talk show host Jerry Langford (Jerry Lewis). Pupkin’s attempts to get Langord’s attention get more and more desperate and absurd.

Parts of this were uncomfortable. I very much don’t like to be caught in places or situations where I shouldn’t be, and so much of this was Pupkin inserting himself into those places. The worst being when he brought his would be girlfriend to Langford’s house without her knowing what the full score was. I was embarrassed and humiliated for her. DeNiro did a fantastic job playing self entitled and creepy, with a humorous undertone that isn’t typically associated with him. The acting was great and so was the story. Very unique and interesting, and there was so much pointed humor thrown in. I particularly liked the cue cards scene, but constantly there were unexpected gags and lines thrown all over the place.

I don’t know, I just loved this and thought it was an unexpected masterpiece from a well respected duo.”

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