Big Hero 6

“I don’t know what I was really expecting from Big Hero 6 other than a really cute robot, Baymax. I certainly wasn’t expecting the level of tech nerdy goodness we got, nor did I realize that it was going to be a team superhero thing. I knew that Baymax (who I keep wanting to call Betamax) would be outfitted as a hero, but I guess in my mind Big Hero 6 may have just been like a version 6.0 type of naming thing.

Young robotics genius Hiro is taken under the care of Baymax, a healthcare robot built by Hiro’s brother, Tadashi. Baymax becomes Hiro’s companion as he tries to move on from his brother’s death. He gets himself into some trouble chasing down an evil genius who has reappropriated one of Hiro’s robotic inventions, so he reprograms Baymax as a superhero and enlists the help of some other grad student friends of Tadashi, forming their own group of superheroes.

First off, Baymax, cutest robot ever! He has a childlike wonder and a fierce loyalty that make him such an endearing creature. Throw in his inflatable make up and some slight technological challenges, and he further captures your heart. I don’t think it’s possible for a person to leave the theater not wanting their own Baymax to pal around with.

The film may have lost a lil momentum once we got into the more super-centric half of the film, leaving most of the emotional core behind in favor of action, but it was such a sweet and exciting film. I still think Lego Movie should wear this year’s animation crown, but Big Hero 6 gave it a good run for a while there. Besides the fun with Baymax, TJ Miller’s Fred had a few scene stealing moments. In any other movie, he wouuld have been the best one to watch. Oh and if you do like Fred, be sure to stick around thru the end credits for an after scene. Might be a little bit early to start the holiday movie season, but we certainly have a good pick for family fare

Big Hero 6 -\m/ \m/ \m/ \m/”

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