In a World…

“I love it when a movie gives me insight into an industry/lifestyle/world/etc that I previously knew nothing about. In this case, it’s the secret underworld of voiceover artists. Okay maybe its not such a secret underworld, more of a quirky cadre or something.

Written by, directed by, and starring Lake Bell, In a World follows Carol, a struggling vocal coach and daughter of a legendary voiceover artist. Carol stumbles into some voiceover work and before she knows it, she’s up against her father and another superstar voiceover artist for an incredibly high profile job.

It was just a very fun and interesting movie. A lot of honest and clever humor and a lively cast. Maybe walking a little closer to the chick flick line than I’d like, but Bell is a pretty tough chick, so she keeps it real. I loved her in Million Dollar Arm, and she really gets a chance to shine here, showing off some fun accents and vocal abilities.

So thank you, Netflix. You pushed this one on me for a while. I’m glad I listened”

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