“I almost went into this one blind, knowing nothing except the image of Daniel Radcliffe in Gryffindor colors and horns. That really was enough for me. A couple days before, excitement and curiosity built enough that I broke my rule of not watching trailers online and I watched the trailer online. (I see enough movies at the theater that include enough trailers that I feel I shouldn’t have to seek them out elsewhere.) Then I really couldn’t wait. It just looked so freaking weird!

Radcliffe stars as Ig, an unfortunate lad who’s the prime suspect in his girlfriend’s murder. Outcast by his small town that’s turned against him, he wakes up one day to find devilish horns growing from his head. When people see his horns, they can’t help but reveal their deepest darkest thoughts and secrets. Ig tries to leverage this newfound ability to seek out his girlfriend’s killer.

The screenplay is based on a story by Joe Hill, son of Stephen King, so that should tell you something about it right there. I’d classify it as horror because of the whole devil horns and allegories at play, but except for a couple scenes in the middle, I wouldn’t call it scary. The first half in particular had this dark comedy feel to it. The colors of Ig’s costume were no accident, and meant to add a satirical undertone by poking fun at and trying to distance itself from Radcliffe’s past. Really, it was just a good mystery. One I may have solved a little too quickly, but the secondary pieces did keep me guessing for a while.

And oh, Daniel Radcliffe was so great. He’s quickly rising up my list of favorite actors (as I now kick myself for not making an effort to see his third Broadway outting earlier this year). His post-Potter role choices have showed great versatility and skill. This time he tried on an American accent, and I don’t think I’ve ever considered one to sound so sexy before. He brought along a whole new punk attitude with it that we haven’t seen from him before. It just makes me want to watch more crazy career choices from him in the future.

Very different. Kinda campy. Very weird. Totally worth it.

Horns – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n”

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