Kill the Messenger

“Not sure how much there is to say about this one. Jeremy Renner stars in the true life story of journalist Gary Webb. Webb uncovers a connection between the US government (specifically the CIA) and the import of cocaine into the US and corresponding wars in South America. The film kinda falls into two parts: first is Webb trying to put together his story, then comes the aftermath and the effect on his life and family. The first half was much more thrilling, even if I couldn’t keep all the details straight. The second half felt like it lost momentum. Still, it was a very interesting and suspenseful story. Renner is such a good everyman. You forget that he’s an A lister, as he just naturally fits into the small home life. I also really love Rosemary DeWitt, who played his wife. She too has a very real quality on screen. This kind of came and went at the movies, and in my brain too, not unlike how Webb’s eventual findings and chance at redemption got swept under the rug, hidden behind bigger news.

Kill the Messenger – \m/ \m/ \m/

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