Layer Cake

“For today’s lesson in film history, this Daniel Craig vehicle is responsible for him being James Bond. The movie got him on the producer’s radar, and it is a pretty good audition for the role. His character isn’t quite so confident and suave as Bond, but you can certainly glimpse a superspy in the making during this film about the layers of the criminal underworld.

I actually did see this one before he became Bond. At one point, it had Guy Ritchie attached to direct, and was often referred to along with Lock Stock… and Snatch. So I bought the DVD when it came out, took it to a friends’ dorm room to watch, and fell asleep about halfway thru. He was really into it though. Tried again a couple days later. Passed out again. I think I gave it another go after Craig was cast as Bond. Still didn’t make it. I even bought the book at one point, but couldn’t finish it either. To be fair though, I never really finished any books I tried reading in college. Well, I did make it thru a couple I read in the back of lectures. But that’s neither here nor there.

Watching it now, still having some trouble getting into it, but I at least made it thru the whole thing (minus a couple of Candy Crush breaks and a trip to the kitchen for some fishsticks). I’m kinda jaded on criminal underworld films, but this one does have some good moments. For example, this exchange upon receiving a threatening phone call:
-I’ve got an idea… Why don’t you come ’round for breakfast? I’ll squeeze some orange juice and grind some coffee and we can talk about this like adults. How’s that sound?
-Sounds very hospitable.
-Do you know where I live?
-Well, \m/off then.

Oh and it’s not only Daniel Craig who got his break in this movie. Tom Hardy’s here too! Okay, maybe this one wasn’t his big break yet, but it’s kind of trippy seeing a pre-Inception Hardy (since that was his springboard). It’s also strange for me seeing Michael Gambon as a shady boss man. Hearing threats and f bombs in Dumbledore’s voice is just tripping me out.

It actually is kind of a smart movie, if you can get past the pacing issues. Maybe on the next try I’ll get a bit more. Welcome to the layer cake, son.”

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