The Equilizer

“Haven’t we seen Denzel do this before? Maybe not all these exact pieces, but if you take bits of Safe House, mix in Training Day, lil bit of Man on Fire, don’t we pretty much get The Equalizer? I think the best thing about this movie were all the jokes running around on Twitter about the title. How he runs around sweetening people’s coffee when they’re not looking until he faces his nemesis SplendaMan. Or something.

Anyways, Denzel’s Bob is a quiet guy with a dark past, who is very good at kicking butt for some unknown and mysterious reasons. He befriends a young girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) who frequently visits the same diner where he spends his sleepless nights. When he finds out she’s being mistreated by her shady pimp employer, he goes for revenge. Then he finds some other helpless neighbors to avenge. And some other stuff happens.

Decent if overdone concept, but a much slower film than you’d expect for a certain promised level of action. There was a decent sequence partway thru that had him doing is do-gooder thing in rapid succession, but otherwise, too much time between action sequences. That time was filled with boring “”plot””, and the action was muted. Can you hear it clunking all the way over there?

I love me some Denzel, but I love him better when he’s not just phoning it in. He’s capable of choosing smart movies and challenging roles. This was not either of those. The relationships he built with some of the victimized characters were kinda interesting, but not enough to carry it. At least this closes out September. Hopefully October will start to bring better films.

The Equalizer – \m/ \m/”

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