The I Inside

“Sometimes I love technology. I was torn between a couple options, so I went to the good old YouTubes and watched the trailers for said options. The vibe for this one felt right. Yet another neglected DVD that’s been sitting on the shelf since the first time I saw it. Didn’t remember much. Kinda appropriate.

Ryan Phillippe’s Simon wakes up in a hospital room. He’s lost two years of his life. In that time, he’s lost a brother and gained a wife. God only knows what else has happened to him. While trying to navigate this, he ends up finding himself pulled back to the same hospital 2 years prior. What then follows is a mind bending and time twisting suspense. What really happened? What’s real? Who can he trust?

THe consensus on the interwebz, which in this case I tend to agree with, is that the first two thirds or so are pretty good. The mystery deepens as the suspense builds. You can’t quite untangle it, but you’re so absorbed trying not to miss anything. Then we get a sort of cop out resolution. Oh. That’s where they went. It’s just like movie-that-I-wont-mention-by-name-for-fear-of-spoilage-of-both-but-no-really-its-just-like-it. And that one was just like another one. And this is sort of like another one too. Cue the sad trombone. Nice try. Thanks for playing.

Phillippe does really drive the film with 100% committment, a big part of why what does work does work. Robert Sean Leonard is in this too, and he’s pretty much what tipped this one for tonight’s winner. I like him, and I haven’t seen nearly enough of him as anyone who isn’t James Wilson.

I guess Sun nights tend to be good for this sort of cheesy thriller. Right, cause I saw and wrote this on Sun, but post-dated it due to playing catch up. Then again, who knows what day you’ll be reading this. Is someone even reading this? Hellooooooooo?”

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