The Skeleton Twins

“Okay. About to attempt a marathon blog session. I’ve got 5 theater movies and 1 at home movie that I haven’t written up from the past week, and potentially time to watch another at home tonight. Things have been busy. Let’s do this.

Skeleton Twins had been a maybe on my list. The buzz was good, especially for our twins Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader, but the trailer seemed dull. As luck would have it, timing wise it just made a lot of sense to squish this one in. It was the only viable before noon option, and yes, it was worth it to me to save four dollars.

The trailer told the truth. I should have known. If your movie starts with both main characters failing in suicide attempts, it’s gonna have a certain tone. The whole thing was them dwelling on how bad their lives are, and trying to put back together the relationship they once had. Both Wiig and Hader were trying to stretch their dramatic legs since both are better known for comedic work. And while yes, they can do dramatic well, it was the fun and funny moments that I liked. Every so often, we did get a glimpse of how happy they could be together, and would just be two goofball sibs goofing around. I liked those moments. There weren’t enough.

I watched this the morning after the evening I’d seen This is Where I Leave You, so we were continuing with the sibling theme. A lil of the same only-child-out-of-place thing, but not as strong. Guess it’s harder to feel like I’m missing something when they’re not really selling it. By which I don’t mean the acting wasn’t convincing (because it was) I just mean that they didn’t make it seem like being siblings was that awesome.

I don’t know. Just thinking about this movie to try and write it up, I’m feeling the same blah I felt watching, which reflected the blah in their lives. Maybe there was a point somewhere that I missed.

The Skeleton Twins – \m/ \m/

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