“When it’s a graveyard at the movies, but you still gotta see something, who ya gonna call? Officially in honor of it’s 30th anniversary, but really because they had nothing better to show, Ghostbusters got a special re-release. And because there were no other viable options, I went to see it.

So much nostalgic goodness. Although for me, it’s more recent nostalgia. While I don’t remember when I first saw it, I know that I didn’t grow up with the film. It was certainly more recent. Still I love it just the same. The fun for me was in catching all those memorable lines, usually deadpanned by Bill Murray. Most of which I’d forgotten about, until he said them, and it was like they were always with me. And a few that I specifically waited for (“”I like this plan. I’m excited to be a part of it”” has made it’s way into my slang, although that’s more due to Star Wars Trilogy Musical Edition).

One of my favorite Halloween costumes (not that I’ve had too many, long story though similar to why it took me so long to see the film) was a ghostbuster a couple years ago. Since the party was at my place, I even went so far as to make bedsheet-over-the-head style ghost costumes for the cats. They weren’t fans.

Some of the very 80s-tastic effects might not hold up, but the spirit of the movie certainly does. Again, I didn’t grow up it with, but I still love the film. Classic cast, classic dialog, classic fun, all heart”

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