American Psycho 2

“I was so excited for my fave dance class to come back tonight, only to get there and find out that it wouldn’t actually start until next week. Resting is prolly a good thing, esp given how I’ve been kinda overdoing it with the yoga lately. Besides, I hadn’t gotten a chance to do a catch up write up yet, so now I have time to watch a full movie.

Let me get this out of the way first. This movie is absolutely awful. It goes beyond campy to just plain bad. Yet I love it. I think it’s mostly because I stumbled upon it before I knew any better. My love of American Psycho is no secret, and I found it’s rip off sequel right next to it at the Blockbuster where I first discovered the original.

Mila Kunis is Rachael Newman. When Rachael was little, she saw Patrick Bateman murder her babysitter. She managed to free herself and kill him in turn. Now, she’s hellbent on getting into the FBI so that she can catch other serial killers like Bateman. The next step in her plan is to get a TA position under Bobby Starkman (William Shatner…yes you saw that correctly), a former FBI agent now prof whose TA’s all have had a golden ticket to Quantico. To say that Rachael would kill for the opportunity isn’t just a metaphor.

I guess there’s supposta be humor in the irony that she kills people in order to eventually be in a position to catch and stop killers. It’s actually kind of dumb. Again, before I knew better, I did find it hilarious. Now, it would be kinda eye roll inducing except the nostalgia factor keeps me giggling.

I’m pretty sure this is also where my girl crush on Mila Kunis started, seeing as how it was the first non-70s Show role I saw her in (although I don’t think I fully embraced the girl crush until Forgetting Sarah Marshall). Word on the street is she’s kind of ashamed of this film now, but she really did give it 100%. Sure, it can be the one she leaves off the resume from now on, but I think she did well in it. Oh and Shatner’s just Shatner.”

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