The November man

“Well this was a pretty forgetable movie. I was sorta into it just enough as I was watching, and now it’s all pretty blank. Thank you Labor Day movie graveyard.

So Pierce Brosnan is still a badass, and free of his Bond bonds he’s allowed to be even more ruthless and tough. The reason his character is called the November Man is pretty awesome, because death always follows him (that line alone was enough to get it on a certain someone’s must list). The whole thing is a sort of cat and mouse between him and his former trainee. Oh and Olga Kurylenko is involved somehow, and she’s kinda cool too. But gosh darn it I just can’t find any memorable moments to pull out from it.

There were bad guys. There were questionably good guys. Gunfire. Explosions. Double crossing. A cute cat. The usual. It’s nice to see Brosnan back in action, but it would have been better if he had substance to go with said action.

The November Man – \m/ \m/”

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