“Lazy Sunday which means zero attention span. Yet I’ve still gotta jot something down for today. This is the last of the pile I got from my colleague a few weeks ago. Well, technically, NOW I’m watching the last one of the pile, but I wasn’t planning to blog that one.

I should have loved Payback. And there were parts that I really did. Mel Gibson’s a tough guy in the crime underworld. He gets ripped off by a once trusted friend and sets out to get his money back, regardless of how many people he has to kill along the way. Actually, that might even make it better.

I think part of why I just couldn’t get too into it is that I’ve seen so many of these gritty underworld action movies. Hell just yesterday I saw the new Sin City. But yeah not a genre that’s new to me.

Yet, as I said, there were things I liked. The running joke of Gibson constantly correcting the boss men who kept thinking he wanted twice as much money was pretty funny. I also really liked Lucy Liu’s featured role, mostly because it was different from what I’m used to seeing for her. The vibe was fun and maybe if I wasn’t in such a slacker mood today I’d have been more into it. Eh maybe next time”