One Hour Photo

“I haven’t seen this movie in years. Back when it came out, people weren’t too sold on it. But I had to see Robin Williams in a dark role. I’d only known him for the fun family fare I grew up with, and was very much intrigued to see him here. I really enjoyed it at the time because I was just starting to get into movies, and this was one of the most messed up ones I’d seean. In the past week, this one is being heralded as one of his best and most underappreciated performances. They don’t say much about the movie itself, but the performance is certainly one to remember.

Robin Williams stars as Cy the photo guy. He works the one hour photo booth at a Wal-Mart type store, just before the medium started to really die out. He becomes obsessed with a family that often comes in to develop pictures. He makes copies of their photos for himself and pretends that they’re his family. He starts stalking them, trying to catch them outside of the store to fit himself into their lives. When he feels that the perfect family is at risk of being torn apart, he intervenes in a way befitting his poor mental state.

It’s such a restrained and controlled performance for someone who’s known for their explosions of spontineity. I think that’s what ultimately makes it so haunting. The writing may be mediocre, but what Williams does with it is incredible.”

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