A Most Wanted Man

“Some write ups break my heart to write. I wanted to see this film specifically because of Philip Seymour Hoffman, as this was his last complete performance. While he was as fantastic as he ever was (rocking a cool and different accent too) I found the rest of the film to be completely boring. I couldn’t get into it enough to figure out what was going on, and then I ended up falling asleep.

Now, that happens once in a while, and usually after a two minute power nap, I’m up and refreshed and ready to face the rest of the film. Not so much this time. I was in and out for a good chunk of the second act. Once we reached the third act, I had enough info from the first to know basically what was going on, and I had the sense that I may not have really missed too much detail in between. Something tells me it was all a convoluted slow burn.

I also spent way too much time trying to figure out what PSH and Rachel McAdams’ accents were supposta be. I knew the film was set in Germany, but in my head German accents sound like Diane Kruger or Christoph Waltz. Either way, the two of them stuck with it pretty well, so points there.

I really wish I could have enjoyed this, but I don’t even think a second viewing (at home or in theaters) would help. I’m pretty sure even if I stayed awake, I’d just zone out. So again, breaks my heart to rate it so low, but I can’t love ’em all

A Most Wanted Man – \m/ \n”

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