Last Action hero

“Hitting another one from the new pile, because I’m in the middle of Scandal season 3 and I can’t be bothered to look away for more than one movie a day, and I want something to blog and I wanna knock down the pile.

Do I lose some street cred if I say I’ve never seen this before today? Shocking right? I’m not quite sure how that happened.

Ahahaha okay I don’t know why I find it so funny that the teacher introduces a clip of Lawrence freakin’ Olivier as the guy from the Polaroid commercials and Clash of the Titans. Kids today. Or twenty years ago. Wow, this is 20 years old already. Oh but can we get a version of Hamlet starring Ahnold? That would be epic.

Hey wait was that supposta be an ET reference? Well there’s nods to other films here and there, so it must be. IMDB trivia is pointing out all kinds of them. It also says this was the first film to be advertised in space (Ahnold painted its name on a rocket or something), so that’s cool.

This movie feels kinda like a love letter to the action movies of the era. Not a sappy one, but one filled with the same snark that permeates them all. I’m kinda loving that. Even if the kid is starting to grate on my nerves a lil. But Ahnold is perfect, especially as he pokes fun at himself throughout.

Okay, totally digging the meta third act. Hollywood making fun of Hollywood. Epic.”

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