“I was rather optimistic about this one. Luc Besson has a great mind for action films, and is particularly capable of writing some kick ass female characters. The Professional is a highly respected favorite, not to mention the Nikita legacy that he created. Now he’s adding Lucy to his arsenal, starring Scarlett Johansson as a girl not to be messed with, especially once she acquires the ability to tap into more of her brain capacity.

I’d say the first half of the film is what I was hoping for. Some really cool action sequences, some fun artistic choices with the wildlife footage spliced in, and an adrenaline rush watching some really groovy ass kickery. Then it got weird. I think my main problem was that I couldn’t totally buy what was happening once she got past about 50% brain capacity. For one, it’s an idea that I’ve never really bought into. I think it was born out of misconception, first of all. Second, while there’s some functionality I can suspend disbelief enough to think could happen, there was a huge implausibility factor. Partly implausible because I don’t think one mind could control so many outside forces. And moreso implausible because if the idea is that anyone could have that capability, I don’t see how there could theoretically be a world where more than one person was controlling things the way she was. I just can’t get my head around it.

Basically I was just in a much happier place before things started to really nuts. Take that half and expand it into a full movie, I’d have been raving about it. Where things actually progressed to, I left going “”Huh?”” “”What?”” and “”That was a thing””.

Lucy – \m/ \m/ \n

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