Beneath the Planet of the Apes

“And we pick up exactly where we left off. Actually, more like 5-10 min before where we left off. Instead of a quick recap voiceover montage, we get the last few min of Planet replayed at the beginning. Just in case you forgot what happened. One last altercation with the Apes then Taylor and Nova ride off into the sunset to discover exactly where they are.

We soon pick up with Taylor look alike, Brent. He lands on this same future earth chasing after Taylor in hopes of rescuing him. He finds Nova, who was separated from Taylor when he found a mysterious fire and chasm. Brent and Nova find their way back to Zira in the ape city. Stuff happens and they end up hiding underground. Underground they find a telepathic race of humans with a nuke they’ve been holding onto (and worshipping) just in case they need it.

I like the Brent/Taylor/Nova storyline, as far as the path taken for them to find each other. I’m just not sold on the whole telepathic humans thing. This was certainly more of your typical scifi type of story, and it makes me sad that they left out most of the weight from the first one. The first was brilliant because of the evolution allegory (is that the right word?). Now I’m a bit leery of the next films in the series, but at least I know there’s light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a kick ass prequel. I’m still excited to have more of the context for that.”

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