Logan’s Run

“This is one \m/ scary movie to watch when you’re 29. Not gonna lie, I’m more than a little freaked out. It’s the future and some unknown thing wiped out a bunch of humanity. Now people live in bliss in their isolated and sheltered city, until they’re 30. Then they’re ceremoniously killed in a ritual that they’re led to believe will “”renew”” (essentially reincarnate) them. If they try to run, the Sandmen will hunt them down and kill them instead. See why it’s a little scary to watch a this age? Some seriously introspective thoughts are running thru my head right now.

Michael York (who I will forever only think of as Basil Exposition) is Logan, a young Sandman with a couple years left ahead of him to party. He’s given a mission to track down the Sanctuary that runners try to escape to, and suddenly finds himself marked for upcoming “”renewal””. He is forced to become a runner himself, and teams up with runner sympathizer Jessica as they try and find Sanctuary.

This actually is a pretty cool movie. Very fast and suspenseful and led by a charismatic cast. I also really enjoyed learning about this society, their rules and culture. When a fictitious society is as fleshed out as this one, I’m always so curious to absorb it all. That’s part of why I love Divergent or The Hunger Games. Granted this world is much happier than those, at least on the surface, but it has a similar appeal to me.

Right, so I’m gonna go and be thankful that I theoretically have more than just 8 months left in this life.”

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